October 31, 2018

Day 31 Slice

Part genius, street smart
part brilliant heart. Part reaching, 
part caught. Part 'about to start'.
Each slice holds a lot.

That thing where you start a haiku and just make a mirror like, duo haiku type thing and call it a day.To the journey and the goal. @jakeparker @inktober @joireine 

Day 30. Jolt

If I
ran wildly, arms outstretched
zagging across a square, would 
           you even
notice me there? If I
and shone brightly might you possibly deign to 
If I gathered friends to hype me, laud 
worth, my virtues of birth.
you fail to recognize them
shield your eyes and carry forward?
             Bend knees 
and bolt off to shadier venues, darker plains?
count the seconds until you've heard
my name?

Feeling like lighting. @jakeparker @inktober @joireine 

October 29, 2018

Day 27 - 29 Thunder. GIft. Double.

A light flickers,
then you wait.
Slow rumble quakes,
you shift your weight.
Light flashes,
sharper now.
The rumble grows,
energy rolls.
Light crackles -
starts to smoke.
Inhale. Don't choke!
You're awake and you breathe and
you're a wall of sound.
Your figurative, guttural, intention
literally brings us to attention.
A light steadily guides the way
What do you have to say?

Day 27 Thunder

If you've truly had
somebody listen, really
listen . Ah, tis bliss.

A thing that really
appreciates you? Mental
(or real) forehead kiss.

Day 28 Gift

Rhythmically spinning 
ellipsoids. Jumps, splits, and flips.
Double dutch stars shine. 

Alas, caught up. @jakeparker @inktober @joireine 

Day 26 Stretch

Maybe if we stretch
a little, we create space
to grow up into.

Day 26 Stretch @inktober @jakeparker  @joireine 

The second photo inspired me. Just, wow.@blacroyoga  -  #blacroyoga via @dade2shelby and @hippie_heathen 💛 

October 25, 2018

Inktober Catchup

There's a line between
slinging mud and speaking truth.
It is pretty clear. 

Day 23 Muddy 

I am not my hair.
Not the judgment filtered over what you see.
Not the likes and dislikes weighed against me.
Easy to know academically,
wee bit harder to Be daily.

We are not our parts.
Not the portions, epidermis, brain, heart.
Not the little things that tear us apart.
Good to know. Nice place to start.
Rinse, repeat, impart.

Day 24 Chop 

Hear no, see no, speak.
Could govern what you think. No?
Won't control what you smell, though.
So, scent's out of reach?

We really need to talk about the joy of smelling no evil. #freshness
Day 25 Prickly @jakeparker @inktober @joireine

To schedules, balance and a great pre-weekend and weekend ahead. 

October 22, 2018

On Time

Time moves with no in-
put. Ice melts down the drain. Is 
repetition sane? 

Day 21 Drain

Will you be marked by
change? Or keeping things the same?
One costs more than pain.

Day 22 Expensive  

The other side of
time cannot be visited, 
but you have Now. So..

Day 19 Scorched

#inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober @joireine 
Had a bit of a moment with Day 19 and 20... Fixed now.
Time theme seemed right re all the catch up...

Day 20: Breakable

Hurt child becomes a
villain. Purple suit. Cravat.
... Slay catwalks instead?
Day 20 Breakable #inktober #inktober2018
@jakeparker @inktober @joireine
Did I enjoy Unbreakable, watch Split, and do I eagerly await their sequel, Glass? Aye

October 19, 2018


The world of possibilities spreads
like winds rolling on a plain.

Sure as the sun rising again -
a time of relative ease exists.

And yet, negativity persists -
in heads turned, in words. A growing pain

that spreads its decay oft and again -
but dig heels and hold. Persist.

Take sense, decency, and justice back, not merely snacks on which to subsist
But tomes to ingest, balms for your brain,

until we're made (make ourselves) wise again -
and see each other as humanity.

Not property, not 'less than me' -
just human. Flesh and blood, the same.

For as clouds gather with drops of rain -
it's to the world of possibilities, they're led. . . .

Day 18 Bottle. #inktober
#inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober@joireine
Started with a drawing of a mobius strip turned klein bottle and
then had a change of heart.  :-D

October 18, 2018


hmm... swollen... pride. 
before fall. niagra. fallsssss. 

sssso swollen. pride... lions?

Day 17 #inktober #inktober2018
@jakeparker @inktober @joireine

I almost didn't post this, and I realized it was the pride talking. I know I'm not the best at drawing. I'm out of practice, low talent and missing technique. But inktober is about keeping a rhythm and pushing yourself. Pushing myself is part of why I flip each prompt and then write a poem to match. Even it's a haiku about thinking about a drawing before settling on something basic and putting your sad doodles on the internet.
In any case, I hope you enjoyed Wednesday prompt. Have a happy Thursday! 

October 17, 2018

Weak & Many Worlds

Two poems for the price of one. Catching up slowly.


As spidered purples dot the sky when the sun journeys west.
As a meadow of blooming flowers gives off a quiet, colorful zest.
As breezes pass before full sails while waters lightly crest.
As am I. Without question or regard for the rest.

Many Worlds

Perhaps there is a dimension
where I draw with practiced lines.
Minds eye clearly translated 
into images on a page.

Or maybe 
body shapes tell stories.
Or where 
words paint shapes into thoughts.

spreadsheet gymnastics commune with souls.
heart surgeries 
chess prowess
engineered works 
a severe look conjures a laugh and talks a drum.


Day 15 Weak Day 16 Angular #inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober @joireine

October 15, 2018


On and on. if you
stop, it still ticks. So why not
just go with the tocks

Day 14 Clock #inktober #inktober2018 #haiku@jakeparker @inktober @joireine


wind closes what the sun'll open
vinegar'll shun what honey can catch

harsh words and tones versus kind
frowns versus smiles, bitter/sweet

and yet. fists clenched. head bent.
eyes closed.

Day 13 Guarded #inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober @joireine
My goal is to finish this month with fewer multi-day postings... But I'm catching up.


fresh and new. Blank.
Slowly fills with fuzzy shapes and wobbles.
Sounds of muffled universe.

Bright still
and cluttered with learnings.
Doodles of adventures and mistakes.

Margins grow then narrow.
All the same, writing flows.

Perhaps new colors are tried. Stamps?
Calligraphied prose or meaningful spaces?

Mistakes still happen, learnings too.
Slowly sharp images slightly dim.

Parchment torn and later mended. Beveled with wisdom
earned through time.
Gently it wrinkles and yellows with age.
Your multifaceted story upon its' page.

Day 12 Whale #inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober @joireine
Here's to your great/brilliant/fun/whale of a tale Life 


That facade you wear to
Keep yourself from being seen.
The one you puff up, polish, and preen.

It's less of a mask and more of a cage.
It hides your sadness, joy, and rage.
Wouldn't it be kinder, to you,

to just..
be you? . . .

Day 11 Cruel #inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober @joireine

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

You'll be in Flow when
your skills And challenges are
higher than average.

When you're in Flow you're
doing what you Really Like
to do. So do that.

Day 10 Flowing #inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober @joireine
Look up Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's TED talk if you have some time.

October 09, 2018


Penny wise yet pound foolish.
Nose cut to spite your face.
Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Productive procrastination.

I'll just eat

It'll be just
A minute.

I'll only watch the
First episode.

I'm on my

Et cetera...

Day 9  Precious #inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober @joireine
Shout-out my #papermate #pen for fixing that #blur problem. 
No comments re my issues with perspective, thanks.

October 08, 2018

Self Care

Even kings of
Jungles need to take
Some time
To rest

So very blurry. I just, apologies.
Day 7 Exhausted
#inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober @joireine


What if particles from across the galaxy are sprinkled into the 'ness' of you?

How much stardust would
make you a

What if that's
already what
you are?

Day 8 Star #inktober #inktober2018
@jakeparker @inktober @joireine

October 06, 2018


swirling mass of droplets yearn
pressing all edges as they stretch
growing yet not quite grown
still held by a cumulus net

time passes- strength will rise
no single pursuit - a groups strain
eyes on the churning mass below
until soon becomes now. Peace. Rain.

For the ideal image for this poem, check out @mcarthur1's work here.
Written on September 5th, 2018. Every time I write a poem or read a forgotten one, I wonder how I could have ever stopped.
Unrelated thought. Are you secure online?


What came before leaves
impressions. Why stand slack jawed
when you can prepare?

Day 6 Drool. Haiku
#inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober @joireine


Feet pressed solidly as if you weren't
on a rock miles in the sky. Deep
breaths bring shallow reminders:
the height, this task. Your fear.
Yours stares you in the
face and you nod.
Grasping its'
hands, you

Learned about Nonet poems today. I'm a fan.
Day 5  #inktober #inktober2018 @jakeparker @inktober @joireine

October 04, 2018


I put a spell on you
'Cause you're mine

No more spilling through the cracks
I ain't lyin'
No, not this time

You know I can't stand it
You're just ticking down
You know better Time
I can't stand you running out and around
Tick Tock

See what action will do
Because this time
You're mine

Day 4 Spell

The moment I saw this prompt all I could think of was Nina Simone singing I Put A Spell On You.


Maybe someday* you'll 
see that reflection and say 
something nice.     *today

Day 3 Roasted 

If you're interested in Inktober or Nation Cyber Security Awareness Month, follow the links!


You miss the muscle strain and strife

You miss the calculations taken to be buoyant.

Light in the air or strong in water. Resilient in storms of dust.

You count me as tranquil because I'm quiet. 
You miss the looks, eye rolls and sighs.

You can't see the internal storms a brewing. Ferocious paddling to stay afloat. Extra efforts to be seen. Pains to smile or laugh when threatened. Difficulties that

aren't yours


top of

But sure, I'm alright.

Day 2 Tranquil

Mind Over Mind

Altogether alright, mostly good and fine. 
And yet a worm of discontent skirts then burrows towards the fresh morning soil of your mind.
Hope plants and plans to act are weakened, still

You furrow brows and strive.

There's only one person who can quell this poisonous visitor in your mind.

Day 1 Poisonous 

Did you know October is both Inktober and National Cyber Security Awareness month? Well, now you do.
Stay tuned for a bit of catch up...

March 21, 2018


Today is World Poetry Day and so I tweeted my favorite poem to the world. To mark the day,  here's a link to NaPoWriMo. This year, I'll start on time! Here's to productivity. Looking forward to all the poets I'll learn about in the process. :-)

s/o to the World Poetry Day hashtag on twitter, a good playlist and productive days!

-Unrelated, if you care at all about skin care, get into Sundots. You can learn more here. Their indiegogo campaign is doing great things and if they hit 100k by the end of March, each backer of their sun protection gummies (wild, right?! I'm so pumped) also gets an additional bottle of Vitamin D. Check it out.

March 09, 2018

Rise and Shine

Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, facing camera, looking towards the left with arms outstretched and a morning sky behind him
Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa/Black Panther

Hi hi!/Happy New Month/ Happy New Year

To say it has been a while would be an understatement. Somehow I paused mid NaPoWriMo in 2016 and never looked back. Until now.

In the age of #meToo and #timesup. Parkland and 17 year olds running for office. Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time... to only name a few... I've decided to dust off the cobwebs and start sharing again.

Item #1 on the agenda. 

Did you see Black Panther? How many times? Did you love it? How much?
Have you seen A Wrinkle in Time? Would you journey through a tessaract to see it again?

Alas, I'd take that bridge to see it on opening night, but for now, I'll let that go and focus on 'shining my eyes' and looking at what's in front of me. Until then.


If you want to hear a Black Panther podcast that features a solid bit of car talk and yours truly analyzing the break out film, take a listen to the Overthinking Podcast episode I'm on, here.


April 18, 2016

Day 12

Day 12

Who'd strike first
The You you are

Or the You you thought you'd be?
-Chew on that before

striking out at the Me that's me.

Here's to perspective.

Day 11: Your Arms

Day 11 Describe a place

Your Arms
Oft warm and sturdy
secure, filled with the promise
of joint tomorrows.

Day 10: The Way to Weigh

Day 10 Book spine
The Way to Weigh

They say not to judge
a book by it's cover

not to pick a person
apart by their outsides.

I say, if they tell you 
about themselves, believe it.

And weigh your actions on 
the strength of their spine.

Definitely using the metaphoric 'backbone' here. Able-ism isn't my speed.

Day 9: Love

It intoxicates -
the wine of you. We need to
breathe and pace and wait.



Day 8: Child

Day 8 (This is decidedly not the prompt)

It hurts to look
to look at you.

All me and sprinkles of 

Every facial twitch 

Every sound and thought

I recall you
I recall you small and 

Now you are your own 
rudder -

you slip past my fingers
as dry sand.

It hurts to look at you.
My heart is full to 

It bursts and tears at 

You are bright and mine, 
yet yours.

I hope you reach your
heights with 

painless leaps.
I hope

I hope you'll 


April 08, 2016


As prompted by Poets &Writers. An Aubade, a poem about dawn.


The night was deep and
functional. We rested,
intertwined and separate
as heat or cold dictated.

Completely unaware of the
many paths shadows took,
as breaths grew still - 
while dew formed, then fled.

Light stretched quietly 
as the sun yawned into 
the morning and the earth 
smiled a sleepy hello.

Prisms flashed as dimness
fled, as lengthening shades 
danced unnoticed through 
hair, on faces, arms and feet.

The growing brightness 
brought sounds of morning,
gentle shifting and waning
recollections of dreams.

Now inner clocks kick against
avoidance, focuses shift
to the current state. Eyes
open to welcome what dawns.

Day 7: Work


They say it keeps you agile in your body and soul
Sharpens your mind and cuts your muscles
-Gives you bread in return.

But if you devote your life to it, you'll never return
We get but one and do need things to lighten the soul
when it wanes like tired muscles.

Why age and wish you also toned and stretched heart muscles?
Then fill with regret as time and people flee, never to return?
Instead embrace your days and strengthen your soul. 

Because the soul remains when body and muscles fade, never to return.

Here's to Tritinas being a less daunting Sestina.

Day 6: White Knight

Day 6:

White Knight
I held you close and 
you poured freely.
Babe, I used to drink 
you up. 

Till you tried to change
into a poorer, drier 

I couldn't subsist, so
I cold-turkey-ed.

I revisited soy.

Unable, I resigned myself
to a life without you.

A life without your sweet,
fatty presence in daily 
gulps. In weekly treats.

I've quit crying while 
holding my sides. 
Love, I'm gone from  
Low to No.

Here's to almond and coconut milk for allowing me to eat cereal without hating everything.

Day 5: Planting

The prompt is about plants and their elaborate names but this shall not be that.

Layer years of training
and experience in a spot
Days gone fishing, camping.
Evenly spread a mutual love of laughter.

Dig deep to being skinny as a kid and
wanting to be in musicals
- or hating musicals.
Thoughts of being a chef.

Place and cover with a
gradual affinity for spice
A warm smile, a kind thought.
A gentle code of Right.

Label with unique musicality.
Stabilize with clear
communication. Ensure
there's space to grow.
Water with time.
Feed with prayer.

Make sure they get
enough sun.

Watch amor noster grow big and strong.


Day 4: April 2016

To the Cruelest month

You're meant to shower 
us and bring future flowers
Rain, not Snow, you jerk.

To the whining hearts this spring who were really excited to put snow boots away but had to dig them back out.

Day 3: To Maya

Day 3: To a Celeb

To Maya

You inspired loads
of writers of which I'm least. 
Thanks for all you were.

Here's to future role models, you never know who's looking.

Day 2: Portrait


Papa smiles, gaze left of center
turtleneck and traditional garb.

Sister beams, model-esque and 
perfect; curly pony to the right.

Mother's proud, to Papa's left
regal poise and jeweled neck.

Brother beams, short only for a time
teeth shine as brightly as eyes.

Youngest looks forward with wisdom, 
deep in thought to Mothers' side.

I cheese, braces a gleam glasses glare and 
with matching pony to the right.

Shout out to all the photographers who have to corral families for group photos.

Day 1: Forgetfulness

Oh, it's day five? But
where are my
poems! Oh snap! Forgot!

Shout out to @kaysarahsera for being the reason I remembered #NaPoWriMo this year.
Way to wait 3 days to actually post this though... #procrastination

June 29, 2015

On Jurassic World

I recently watched this 'true sequel' to the unmitigated awesomeness that is Jurassic Park and wrote my thoughts in real time. Later I discussed it with two friends to fill in the gaps. You know, the gaps...in the code... Zero character names were used throughout. #SpoilerAlert
Key: "Movie quotes" 'and' *actions*
My (meta?) thoughts -BM responses LB responses

9 mins into Jurassic World. Have already dodged stupidity.
"How did you get the dinosaurs to *awkward hand motion*". RIGHT after a speech about genetics and dna splicing.
"Do you go to sleep at Different times…?"
Psycho dino. She's great.
'Where's her sister?' "She ate her" *everyone is cool with this announcement*
Enter Velociraptor trainer in a vest. #science

They want to use them for Combat?! I cannot.
They don't. Know what. It's made of.
They don't. Know. What it's made of.
Da hell?
Gosh. It's a cuttlefish dinosaur. haha.
Cuttlefish, tree- frog, psycho dinosaur. K.
"Let's go off-road"
"You don't know old your nephews are?"
*kills for fun*
*hangs upside down in gyroscope*
*breaks unbreakable glass*
*runs on foot from giant psycho dino*
(Kinda repeating things from Jurassic Park.)
surprised psycho frog cuttlefish dino can't swim
-It doesn't have a fin

But magic psycho dino is magic
*I opened my shirt and rolled up my sleeves. I'm ready for danger!!*
Magical drying matches
Genius can fix a car too? Lucky
Magic genius boy is a Genius!
Opportunistic ranger guy loses arm? Just a guess.
He can Dry matches that have Gone Swimming. With his smarts.
It [the car] worked immediately. They didn't even struggle to make it run. Sheesh.
"You asked for it to be angrier and more dangerous and have more teeth."  
*runs gay in dark wood with heels* science
 (fast, not gay. No one is happy here. Except newbie pilot man
-Haha, about that
*Crashes slowly. Explodes*
Opportunistic man has 0 feelings.

It's a good thing the boy brought the flying dinosaurs.
Motorcycle. Pool party. Lunch time.
Double fisted margaritas!

Opportunistic Man is a heart less automaton. Does he lose an arm And a leg?
*dunk British nanny 4 times before eating*
 was that a sexist thing?
I don't know. I honestly think they needed a reason for two pterodactyls  to fight over something and get eaten by giant face whale dino.
They had to dunk her, because why else would whale dino show up?
*shoots flying dino off of vest man*
* gains respect of nephews for 3 seconds*
*earns kiss*
*gets embarrassed by nephews*
Opportunistic man is giant doodie head.
The kids are in love with vest man, aren't they?
Do the raptors eat opportunistic man?
-Stop cheating and watch
Opportunistic man will be noms. I feel this. Have genius magic from the floppy haired kid.
*Opportunistic man nervously feeds arm to raptor* I Knew it!
Opportunistic man Knowingly made psycho dino part raptor?? Because sense.
-So could you outrun a T rex in high heels?
Since it's possible to 'outrun' a TRex at all because of the power of Dr. Malcolm, why not?
Your feet don't hurt at all from sprinting all day in your office shoes.
#doctor #science
*I'm tired of fighting and quite full from eating nothing. So I won't attack you little raptor* *goes in for a kiss* "Woah, I have a boyfriend"  
The only legitimate excuse for not kissing a man.
Right. Because why else do women exist. Sorry girls*
Especially in the office! And pretty ones, too!
Oh snap, she was being distractingly sexy! How dare she!
*walks all the way to helipad to Roar. At. Nothing* sure.
-Like I said it was entertaining, but fantastically stupid. Even for a movie with cuttlefish dinos.
I would love to be Distractingly Sexy. #lifegoal
Here's to BM and LB for entertaining my commentary and the joy of talking about tiny plot details and scenic choices. Next up, the philosophical lessons from Pitch Perfect 2!