April 02, 2015

NaPoWriMo Day 2: On Stars

Today's Prompt was to write about stars.
On Stars

A wide of shot of galaxies from morn1415 video 'Star Size Comparison HD'

Nothing before me
Behind me
Beside me

I am alone in the 
sea of light that 
comes from 

within me.

Sometimes I think there 
lurks a visitor 
in the corner
of my eye.

Surely, it lies.

Sitting upon the blanket Pa laid out.
Roses and ladybugs.

Head thrown back I asked
'Why can't skies have clouds
And stars?'

"How would you see them sparkle.." He grinned at me, 
"like fireflies?"

Memories of what was
Shadows of just then
You'd catch up to find them

No trail of knickknacks
To remember by.

These magnified sections
Of supposed

Here's to perspectives. NaPoWriMo Day 2 
Check out my inspiration, Star Size Comparison HD on youtube here

1 comment:

TheRustGeek said...

There is a certain cadence to the line
Why can't skies have clouds and skies?.. Definitely an eminently 'stealable' line... :)